Friday, October 21, 2011

Sex Fitness - Sexual Stamina

As a personal trainer people often come to me for sport specific conditioning. One thing I didn't expect though was for people to come back to me with reports about how my training had transformed their sex lives. Literally people would tell me that their sexual lives had been transformed by my training and they no longer were getting tired were enjoying the act far more than before.

So where did this lead me? It lead me to think about designing a complete core-conditioning program especially to reach the goal of sex fitness.

So what exercises are appropriate for reaching the goal of complete sexual fitness?

Static core stability - to perform well good static core stability must be maintained. Many times during sex positions must be held for long periods of time coupled with movement. This can be extremely taxing on the body, which can really detract from any enjoyment! To train for static core stability exercises like the plank are ideal. The plank hold can be held in various positions to increase or decrease the intensity of the exercise. The plank is also awesome for bringing in sagging or bulging tummies as it tightens up a muscle deep under the abdominal core known as the T.V.A. The T.V.A is a large corset type muscle that is not only essential for core stability but great for making your mid section look awesome which is of course very important for sexual fitness!

Dynamic core stability - This is extremely important in fitness for sex as without it you'll be as exciting as cardboard cut out! Dynamic core stability can be trained with exercises such as the dynamic side plank that not only provides good static strength but dynamic strength too.

Cardiovascular ability - without a good set of heart and lungs you will never be able to perform at your best and sex fitness will suffer. This is best developed with bodyweight exercises conducted for timed periods such as the awesome kettlebell swing. The kettlebell swing develops not only cardiovascular strength but also dynamic hip explosively and endurance- pretty important I think you'll agree! Not only that after time the kettlebell swing will leave you looking great and really tone and develop your abdominal muscles to leave you looking great.

Lastly you want to end up looking great too- its no use being the fittest person in the world if you don't look the part you are never going to get to get the action in the first place! Good news is though if you carry out the above moves for sex fitness you'll start looking far better too. The above moves will start to bring out your upper abdominals, lower abdominals and oblique's to really make a difference in how your core looks, which hopefully will get you to the point where you can test out your new found sexual fitness. Remember it makes good sense to find adequate instruction on how to perform each of these moves, as good form is essential for progress.

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